Immortals’ Requiem by Vincent Bobbe

Immortals' Requiem by Vincent Bobbe Grimdark Fantasy: Speculative fiction There are beings that live a shadow's breadth from our reality... They are the dreams and nightmares of humanity, the ancient seeds of fairy-tale and superstition. These are the Immortals, creatures of magic that should live forever... and they are fading. When a horror two thousand … Continue reading Immortals’ Requiem by Vincent Bobbe

Speaking in Tungs by Karla Jay – Book Review

Speaking in Tungs by Karla Jay Synopsis: 2018 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Award in Humor and Chic Lit! In this entertaining first novel set in rural Pennsylvania, a young woman from San Francisco searches for her birth parents while beginning her first job as a home-health speech pathologist. She soon learns how … Continue reading Speaking in Tungs by Karla Jay – Book Review